Перспективні дослідження

We pay attention to Proof-of-concept of new ideas on biomedical applications of inorganic and biological nanostructures.

Towards the overcome antimicrobial resistance, we search for a synergy of NPs with known antibiotics, including those that had worked well in the past but lost their efficiency today.

We have for the first time established the ability to control voltage-gated potassium ion channels of smooth muscle cells using nanophotonic stimuli. Such effect was unknown before. Wehypothesise that this phenomenon has a general biological character and creates the opportunity to engineer processes within and between the living cells for the purposes of signalling, regulating and curing through non-pharmacological intervention. Such approach may change the paradigm of drug discovery,replacingchemical drugs, and open the way to radically newdrug-free and target-specific therapeutic technologies for personalized medicine.