NanoMedTech specializes in nanomedicine, and creates and brings to market innovative solutions for unmet therapeutic and diagnostic needs. Founded in 2010, we have created a unique innovative ecosystem to making successful biomedical researches and developments in Ukraine.
   Now we are in a strong growth phase. Our experience, capabilities and passion for innovation have enabled us to build a robust pipeline of promising drug candidates, from early to advanced stages of clinical development, including potentially exclusive and first-in-class drugs and next-generation diagnostic modalities. The pipeline is fed by ground-breaking ideas of our creative interdisciplinary team, and highly productive drug development platforms, based on our novel proprietary methods and know-how.
   Our scientists and technologists are experts in various fields of advanced sciences and have extensive experience in drug development. We have modern analytical facilities for a comprehensive physical and chemical characterization of developed products, including engineered and biological nanostructures.
   We have established partnership with the leading biomedical centers and clinics in Ukraine to get our drugs through the later stages of development, performing preclinical and clinical studies in accordance with GLP and GCP. We also perform collaborate researches with famous European universities to be at the forefront of biomedical science.
   We are more focused on the areas where NanoMedTech is best positioned to have the greatest impact and benefit for patients through translation of breakthrough scientific ideas to next generation drugs, therapies and diagnostics. These core areas are:

     -  Multifunctional nanoparticulate systems for advanced drug deliver
     -  Drugs based on cerium oxide nanoparticle
     -  Nanoparticulate therapy and diagnostics for personalized medicine